About Us

At Edgebrain we help our customers develop embedded intelligent solutions at the edge, using most advanced open systems software and hardware platforms.

Deep learning, data science, computer vision, reinforced learning, sensor fusion, autonomous indoors and outdoors robot navigation are our main knowledge domains.

Linux, ROS, C++, Python, OpenCV, CUDA and TensorFlow/TensorRT are our main tools.

We are particularly familiar with Nvidia training and inference tools and hardware platforms: Jetson (TK1, TX1, TX2, Xavier), Drive and DGX.

Our engineering approach is multi-disciplinary. We complement our IT core competences with a knowledge on control systems, electronics, thermal management, mechanics, telecomunications, optics and other disciplines.


  • Feasibility studies
  • Requirements specifications
  • Product development
  • Project management
  • Work package development
  • Systems integration

Sample Projects

  • Cleandrone: Autonomous glass-cleaning drone. Know more.
  • Sherlock: Photovoltaic solar farm inspection system, using autonomous drones. Know more.
  • Watterflow: Energy management system, maximising renewable energy self-consumption for industrial and residential applications. Know more.
  • Earth Rover: Advanced data capture and real time mapping system for farm managers. Know more.
  • CPVRS: Solar tracking control firmware and hardware for concentrated prohotovoltaics system. Monitoring system. Know more.


Let’s open a dialogue on how we could improve your project skillbase and capabilities. Drop us a line and we’ll be right back in touch.

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